Have you ever gone searching the internet for something but couldn't find it, and thought to yourself "wouldn't it be cool if when it does become available it would let me know?"

Welcome to ZOGG!

We are currently collecting masses amount of data from all around the world and adding it to our database, as you can imagine this will take a little time.

Our servers have been busy for quite a while now but the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. We will be inviting a select group of people to test this fantastic new service, which incidentally is completely Free in Alpha and Beta testing as well as when it is launched in it's production state. If you would be interested in putting our new website through its paces please add your email below.

Don't worry we won't let anyone else know your email address and we will only email you with news of our site.

We are also on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook if you prefer to be kept up to date there so don't forget to Follow and Like our pages.

We value the input of our customers and our new service will not work as well if we didn't get any feedback, so please stay in touch!

ZOGG.com supports the Charity WILDAid which helps highlight the terrible illegal wildlife trade, if you would like to support this Charity here is the donation page. Thank you! DONATE

24th March 2015 - We now have a database that is robust enough to increase the amount of people using it. We will slowly release categories ZOGG can be used for so not to shake the internet and cause a world wide wait. If you aren't already following us on one of our social media accounts start now to be kept informed.

2nd January 2015 - Work is proceeding well, we hope version 1 will be live in the next few months, thanks for your support!

27th August 2014 - Our work is coming along nicely and we expect to invite our next set of testers in the next couple of months, sign up if you are interested!

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